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Virtual Studio

My "virtual studio" is a place where I am keeping track of various projects, activities, and ideas in real time. Faster than a blog post, a bit slower than twitter. 

Right now - working on making prints of diatoms (microscopic algae) using laser cut stamps and hand-carved stamps

This Miro board was created in response to my virtual residency at the Tinkering Studio. In a typical artist's residency you might be able to stop by the museum, check out what an artist is working on and chat or interact. But this isn't as easy to do in a virtual residency. So if you see something here in my virtual studio space that you'd like to chat about, send me a note on twitter (@cemocreates) or via my contact page. 

To explore the studio, press "see the board". You can stay on this page and explore or you can open it in a new window by clicking this link. Some of the elements might look small and hard to read but you can zoom in to get a better look.

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