• Celeste

Augmented Reality Snapchat Filter

Updated: Sep 13

Screen recording of the augmented reality Snapchat filter

I believe that location-based augmented reality experiences have the potential to increase appreciation for and engagement with places, public artwork, and more. A typical smartphone user might not want to go to the trouble of downloading an additional app to access an augmented reality experience. But these same smartphone users often already have social media applications like Snapchat and Instagram installed.

Both Snapchat and Instagram allow creatives to develop customized augmented reality filters. To explore the idea of augmented reality combined with public art , I developed a public Snapchat filter that was designed to interact with an existing mural inside of the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. Both high schoolers and university faculty alike enjoyed interacting with the Snapchat filter on their own devices, showing that experiences like this could have the potential to engage audiences of all ages.



Cinema4D was used to model, animate, and texture the eyes featured in the augmented reality filter. Lens Studio by Snapchat was used to publish the filter for use on Snapchat.