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Build Your Own DIY Mini Greenhouse with 3D Printed Connectors and Tinkercad

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Related Resources:

  • Scratch version of the greenhouse building prompts

  • Google slides version of the greenhouse building prompts

  • A Tinkercad file which has all of the wooden dowel connectors (note that these can also be found in the shapes library in the tinkercad menu)

  • Check out this blog post which shows a digital Tinkercad model of a technology-enhanced mini greenhouse


Video Transcript:

This is a DIY mini greenhouse construction system. Wooden dowels, 3D printed connectors, twist ties and or brass fasteners , and plastic are all combined to allow you to design and craft your own tabletop version of a greenhouse

The 3D printed connectors come in lots of different styles to enable different types of connections. They help create a sturdy frame that you can rearrange into any shape you want.

The connectors are available in Tinkercad's new shape library menu so that you can pick and choose which connectors you want to print and remix them if you'd like.

You can also use tinkercad to digitally prototype your greenhouse so that you know exactly which connectors you need and how many wooden dowels & sizes of dowels that you need.

Here's how I sealed my greenhouse: I cut clear landscaping plastic to the size of my greenhouse walls and used brass fasteners glued to the dowels to secure the plastic.  I also tried using twist ties and that worked as well.

Finally, I made some printable and programmable greenhouse building prompts that you can remix to spark creative greenhouse building.


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