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I started my professional life with roots in scientific visualization and communication, art, and design. I completed my undergraduate degree in biological and pre-medical visualization at Iowa State University and was on my way to becoming a medical animator or illustrator when I fell in love with the museum and informal education world. My time spent as a "maker-in-residence", and then as an educator and designer at the Science Center of Iowa turned into a deep curiosity about how people learn outside of school and how material and tool-rich experiences can facilitate learning.  Now, I pursue this curiosity as a PhD student studying creative learning experiences at the ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder. Additionally, I collaborate with creative learning organizations around the world to design and facilitate unique experiences for their learners.

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Featured Collaborations

Writing &

Moreno, C., Hladik, S., Roque, R., & Hayden, R. (2022, Accepted). Challenges in Facilitating Computational Experiences in Informal Learning Environments. Connected Learning Summit 2022.

Finch, L., Moreno, C., & Shapiro, R.B., (2021) Luminous Science: Teachers Designing For and Developing Transdisciplinary Thinking and Learning, Cognition and Instruction, 39:4, 512-560, DOI: 10.1080/07370008.2021.1945064

Current Position

PhD student at the ATLAS Institute, working in the Creative Communities research group to design, implement, and study "computational tinkering" experiences in out-of-school spaces like museums and libraries.


I'm always looking for opportunities to connect, learn, and design with others. Please get in contact with me if you think there's a way that we can collaborate, I'd love to hear from you. @

@cemocreates on Twitter, and elsewhere

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