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Creative Learning Sparks - Zines for Learning and Making

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Recently, I visited a zine library in Denver and loved digging into the eclectic mix of zines. It made me think about how zines are a highly creative medium and don't need to look a certain way, or cover a specific topic. As this zine explainer from the zine library states it, "A zine can by anything that you make it!".

I'm particularly interested in zines that are designed for informal, creative learning spaces like museums or libraries and for the educators and other professionals that work in those space. This post highlights a few that are on my radar but I'd love to find more.

1.PLIX (Public Library Innovation Exchange) offers zines to complement many of their fantastic activities. I liked this one that accompanies the "Beautiful Symmetry" activity.

I have a few of their zines hanging on my pegboard in my office!

2.Blue Dandelion is an "experiment in the learning humanities" and I loved the way they describe the "pedagogical zines" offered on this site:

"Pedagogical zines blend collaborative research and art to create public resources for just educational practice.Designed by and for educators working to sustain the dignity, imagination and collective well-being of children, youth, and families, the zines are meant to be living artifacts. We want you to feel like you can mark up, use and revise them to make beautiful life and learning with others. We also hope their different styles invite you to imagine your own pedagogical zines."

I really liked this zine which has a great mix of interactive exercises and thought-provoking quotes and findings rooted in the authors' research.

3.The "Making Interactive Zine" is a zine created by Carlee Latimer at the Bubbler which is built on the Making in Schools toolkit and invites you to imagine and brainstorm the development of your own "making" space.

I loved the style of this zine and it inspired the design of a zine (not yet published) that our research group is currently developing and testing.

I'll add more here as I find them!


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