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Designing Creative
Learning Experiences

I design creative learning experiences that intentionally weave together different disciplines (e.g., art, science, computing) and ways of knowing and learning (e.g., storytelling, crafting).


Collaborating with classroom educators

I like to take a co-design approach to working with classroom educators. That may look like working side by side with teachers to develop new curricula or to learn about new technologies for the classroom. It can also look like closely aligning the experience I'm designing to the goals and values teachers have for their learners.


Collaborating with out-of-school learning spaces

Libraries, museums, makerspaces, after-school clubs, and community or cultural organizations are powerful hubs for engaging communities in creative learning. I work for, and alongside educators in these spaces to develop tools and resources to support their visitors. 


My designs

While much of my work is collaborative, I often work independently to  prototype new learning experiences. My design process for crafting new creative learning experiences involves experimenting with different materials, tools, and technologies and connecting these with big, interdisciplinary ideas and core values for learning.

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