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Facilitating Creative Learning

Teaching and facilitating creative learning experiences is an essential part of my process as a designer and researcher (and it's just plain fun!). Below are some of the structures that I offer as a facilitator.


Workshops (in person and online)

I facilitate both online and in-person workshops, or workshop series. Some of my past workshops include, a virtual "animate your world" coding workshop for Computer Science Education Week at the Boulder Public Library, a Halloween flower crown-making workshop for the BTU makerspace at CU Boulder, and "automata tinkering" workshops with the Cabaret Mechanical Theater.


Classes and camps

I also facilitate longer learning experiences such as classes or camps. For example, I've facilitated one and two-week "maker camps" which introduced learners of all ages (2nd grade through high school) to various creative technologies and makerspace materials.


Educators as learners

Educators inside and outside of formal schooling spaces deserve time and space to build skills, get creative, and design new experiences for their learners. I facilitate learning experiences designed specifically for educators; like this micro:bit workshop for computer science education week at the Boulder Public Library.

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