Welcome to my virtual creative learning lab! I'm Celeste. I design and study creative learning experiences that engage curious minds of all ages.

The experiences and tools I design are often interdisciplinary, playful, material-rich, and connected to the interests and values of learners. I recognize that learning happens everywhere, but I most often work with learners in museums and science centers, makerspaces, libraries, and schools. My toolbox is multidisciplinary – I bring in practices and skills from my experiences in art and design, informal education, and educational research. You can explore some of my favorite experiences (like a creative coding workshop for adult artists or a summer maker camp for high schoolers) and experiments (code you can eat? making microscopic life tangible with 3D printing) below.  

I love to co-design and test out new creative learning experiences with learners and educators. Please get in touch if you think we might be able to collaborate.