Hi, I'm Celeste


The picture above shows second grade Celeste's hilariously accurate goals and predictions for her adult self. Much like second grade Celeste, I still like doing designs and playing. And as predicted, I consider myself part artist and part teacher. (I'm still working on the gymnast and writer part). 

My roots are in design as well as scientific visualization and communication. I completed my undergraduate degree in biological and pre-medical visualization and was on my way to becoming a medical animator or illustrator when I fell in love with the museum and informal education world. I always loved making things with my hands and swapping skills with people in my community. Creating exhibits and facilitating educational programs is the perfect marriage between my skills in visualizing and communicating complex scientific information and my desire to make things with and for my community. 

This diverse background makes me uniquely positioned to work in many worlds and to serve as a bridge between different disciplines in order to create amazing experiences for a range of audiences. I'm an artist who understands the sciences, a designer who care about educational outcomes, and a creative thinker who tinkers with technology and fabrication to realize the visions of my team. I design creative learning experiences for innovative educational institutions such as museums, libraries, makerspaces, and more. 

I'm always looking for opportunities to connect, learn, and design with others. Please get in contact with me if you think there's a way that we can collaborate, I'd love to hear
from you.

CV or resume available upon request

Current Position

Research Assistant at the Laboratory for Playful Computation, CU Boulder.

Current Residency

Maker in Residence at the Blow Things Up Lab, ATLAS Institute CU Boulder

Recent Awards

Recognized as a Student Scholar at the Visitor Studies Association Conference, an honor awarded to promising emerging professional in the museum evaluation field.


M.S., Creative Technologies and Design, College of  Engineering, CU Boulder

B.A. Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration, Iowa State University

Maker Education certificate, Sonoma State University

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